Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

By Jennifer Moreno

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The Myanmar government, as of August 25, has categorized the Rohingya as a terrorist organization. However, the Rohingya have lived in Myanmar since the twelfth century and have still not been recognized as one of the 135 recognized ethnic groups in the country, but are widely viewed as intruders from across the border. The reason Myanmar regards the Rohingya as illegal immigrants is because of the view rooted in their heritage in East Bengal, now called Bangladesh.

According to Human Rights Watch, the laws in Myanmar discriminate against the Rohingya they violate their freedom of movement, education and employment. They are also denied land and property rights and ownership, and the lands on which they live can be taken away at any given moment. In addition the violence  and persecution, have caused hundreds of thousands of Rohingya to flee to neighbouring countries either by land or boat over the course of decades.

Due to all the challenges faced in Myanmar most of the Rohingya have migrated to Bangladesh, their place of said origin, but still face the same obstacles. The have no rights and even their human rights are being violated. The Rohingya are not terrorist, they are simply stateless Muslim minority in Myanmar. The laws and acts that have been made in Myanmar do not acknowledge the crises the Rohingya are facing.The fact that this is happening in this day in age needs crucial attention and action.


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