California Ramen Factory

By Francis Mamaril

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A new spot to hit up for some ramen in Koreatown is California Ramen Factory.

First introduced to me by my friend, Kelly Park, I was skeptical about that taste of the ramen, broth, and service. So I checked Yelp, in which a majority of people gave it four to five stars out of five, along with a few one’s and two’s.

The only way to make sure this place was worth it was to go there myself. Since it was a few blocks away from my friend’s place, I decided to go with two of my other friends who are also ramen enthusiasts. When entering upon the premise, we were warmly greeted by the fresh aroma of ramen and a waiter. He explained to us all the necessary details so we could efficiently order our bowl of ramen.

Since it wasn’t a typical ramen shop, we had to order from a tablet in the front of the store, self-serve style, after which we sat ourselves. Once the chef/waiter took our order, it was only after a couple of minutes we received our order.

The variety of ramen is unlike any other; they had the choice of Signature, Green, Black, and Vegan ramen which all had relatively appetizing presentations. Along with our ramen, I decided to order a California Roll; unfortunately, I did not order temaki, a dish that used seaweed as a base to make up a taco.

Upon receiving our order, which was brought to our table, we were also served water, chili oil, and jalapeños. With medium to low expectations, I realized that it wasn’t such a bad place as the ramen was decent with its warm light broth, chewy noodles, and appropriate portion of veggies and chashu.

Although the ramen restaurant is not bad, it has some minor issues. As I ate the ramen, fat floated up to the top of the broth like a sheet of fat; however, ramen should be eaten fast, so this should not be a problem if you don’t take too long to eat.

After finishing my bowl, the owner gave my friends and I complimentary takoyaki, or fried octopus balls.

Despite not reaching my top 10 list of ramen shops in LA, California Ramen Factory did a decent job of satisfying me and my friends’ stomachs. Although I might not recommend this restaurant to most of my friends, I would not mind coming here again.

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  1. Paul Andrew Yapcengco on February 9th, 2018 11:17 am

    This is a very interesting food review. I might try this place out myself.


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