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The war of gaming has two sides, console and pc. Both sides have its own number of players with different views of the opposing side. This is a brief explanation of both sides and its advantages and disadvantages.

[T] Console gaming has been around for long starting from developers of nintendo, microsoft, and sony. These three big console developers has been creating powerful game consoles that were capable of hd gaming. Nowadays consoles have been upgraded to high as 4k hd gaming capability. Consoles consist of the device itself to run the games and the controller (wireless/wired) to control what happens in game. The game can either be purchased by disc or a downloadable purchase. The debate between Playstation Or Xbox has been the most discussed topic in the gaming community. The capabilities that each consoles offers grants different features to the player. Game developers release a new console prior to the last generation console every year.

[M] Ever since gaming arrived PC gaming has been around just along side of console gaming. PC gaming consists on the computer itself, a monitor for a display, and a mouse and keyboard for controls. Developers constantly focus on upgrades on graphics cards for the pc to run smoother and handle high tier games with effects and such. PC also has the ability to play older games such as “Super Mario 64” from nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System with programs known as emulators. Mostly PC gaming takes high to championships on First-Person Shooters such as “Counter Strike:Global Offensive” and recently “Overwatch.” Staying in the topic of top leagues and professional gamers, other titles such as “League of Legends” and “Dota 2.”

[T] The advantages of playing on a console is that it tends to be very cheap, the price range of a console is usually 300-500 dollars. This gives a great advantage to beginners who want to start gaming. The controller that is given in console’s are very easy to get used to for most part the controller consists of two analog sticks, 4 primary buttons, 4 back buttons, directional buttons, start and select button, and a branded on or off button. There are a wide varieties of games that are exclusive to that console, also some consoles come with limited edition designs that look amazing. As a owner of a Playstation 4 (PS4) I obviously like console gaming more than PC. I feel as if console controllers are way easier to use compare to a keyboard and mouse on a PC. The experience that I had in console gaming has adapted to me and it is like a second nature to use a controller.

[M] When it comes to comparing PC with console gaming, I look at the variety of options on the game system itself. PC gaming contains four to five key parts, a desktop, mouse and keyboard, monitor, and headsets. This is unless you use a gaming laptop which you only need a headset and mouse. PC gaming can be both powerful and stable with the right and most recent graphics cards. Not only this you can make your own computtake a variety of Graphics Cards, hard drives, and even expandable memory. er for a gaming purpose which is much cheaper than buying a brand specific computer. Consoles are always brand made, you can change little to nothing for consoles other than the settings menu, PCs however can Comparing to console I look at one major asset to gaming in general, controls. In first person shooter games taking a look at a console controller it usually has two analog sticks, one for movement and the other for aiming. The movement is much easier with the fluidness of the analog sticks, however the same concept is applied to your aiming. Aiming with a controller can be awkward at times and even if it is practiced, it cannot compare to aim with a mouse. Not only this most esport fps games are played on computers.

[T&M] If we take a console gamer and a pc gamer in the same game, the same server, what would happen? This section would differentiate on what advantages a console gamer has against a pc gamer and vice versa. For this example we will take on the perspective in a popular game called “Fortnite.”

Console –
– Buttons are easier to use
– Aim assist
– A more fluid and responsive movement/dodging
– A larger screen/monitor for larger spatial awareness

PC –
– Much better aim than a console player.
– Spam Building Is more Efficient
– More variety of controllable binds for keyboard
– Mouse buttons for extra controls
– Plugged in headsets, no delay
– No rechargeable controllers needed

[T&M] We discussed both types of gaming together and came with a conclusion that console has its advantages and disadvantages, also with PC gaming. There isn’t more benefits for playing one or the other, that is purely opinion when choosing console or PC.

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