Goodbye, Junior Year. Hello, Senior Year.

By: Erin Kim | June 4, 2018

Hello Reader, Goodbye, junior year. Hello, senior year. Beep, beep! Move out of the way, underclassmen! Senior comin' through! Is it finally time to assert my dominance in the hallways?! Haha just kidding...or am I? ;) Well, first let's talk about the junior year. Oh, boy. Where do I even start? I remember the first day of school when I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I signed...

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Luy Geonhwi Kim | June 4, 2018

I honestly know what to expect for the upcoming year... I've seen it, heard it, and somewhat experienced it as well. In one word : bothersome. I don't think it was actually difficult for the seniors this year, it was rather because of their procrastination that it seemed to be difficult. As for me, I don't think it'll be too different; even if it was different, I think it would be more difficult than...

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