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The Good, The Bad, and The Trump

December 6, 2017


    The good, the bad, and the Trump. Donald Trump’s first year in office already had a bad start already because he has been investigated to see if he has any ties to the Russian Government which may have caused an effect in the election poll. Ever since he entered office, he has been receiving bad reputation on the news and newspapers. Donald Trump is being portraying like that because it’s what he does best; all the articles and news reporters are just doing their job.

    Ever since Donald Trump was voted as president, he wasn’t voted as the majority vote, but he had won the electoral college vote. Some people would’ve preferred Hillary Clinton, but it didn’t happen. It kind of does matter who is president or not because it depends if they are reliable and are able to take on the responsibility of a nation. It also matters because it’s who the people like most and believe whatever he/she is saying are things that can help the people and our country or anything interesting that can catch a person’s attention. Other reason as to why it matters who’s president is during a time of crisis like being threatened to be bombed by North Korea we won’t be doing any childish things and name calling each other back and forth and calling each other nicknames. There has been tensions with other presidents but not as bad as now.

       People feel like Donald Trump isn’t a real person to say how he feels when he’s making a speech, but rather talking on twitter and casting his opinion on what the NFL is protesting or rather saying all these other things. Some other people might say otherwise that he is the “best president ever” “ Obama was doing a bad job running the office.” They think he’s a God sent because he is talking about building a wall inches high around Mexico because they aren’t bringing any “good” people to America. I’d say some people have change their opinion on who they really voted for in the beginning because they had a change and seen all the bad things have happened since the time he’s been president. I’m not saying that it’s all gone down hill but things have taken a wrong turn instead of the right way. He wants to remove several things that Barack Obama did great in and he just wants to destroy what has been built, he also signed 53 bills in his first year of being a president let’s see what else changes the next 3 years anything can happen at this point who knows.’

    Majority of the people don’t really know who congress are because their mostly focused on the presidents outrageous sayings. Congress has changed during the time Donald Trump was elected because Paul Ryan is the main Republican and mostly everyone is a Republican in the court, they’ve also signed quite a few bills ever since Donald Trump has become president. Congress always change when there is a new president elected. Majority of the people who mostly listen to politics are older people because they have more knowledge about congress then we do. From experience i was in an uber and my driver had turned on the radio and it was a podcast talking about Congress and he understood everything they were talking.

    This country is heading into the future if we make it there. Donald Trump as our president will probably lead us into the wrong direction or the right direction. For example the Roman Empire was a strong civilized empire and what’s to say that the United states won’t receive the same fate as the Roman Empire did. Due to Trump’s actions, I believe our country is on decline;  war that opponents of Hillary wanted to avoid will possibly happen. This might all be a speculation, but honestly do you see anything positive happening in this country, since Donald Trump’s presidency?

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