School Food: Yum or Yuck?

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School Food: Yum or Yuck?

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School lunch food has always been something that kids have had varying opinions about. Some say the food is actually good, while others will say they find the food to be quite repulsive.

To get a wider perspective of opinions about the school’s lunch food, we put up a poll on Instagram to see whether the students liked the school’s food. Surprisingly, the results shocked us to the core. More students voted YES to liking the food. WHAT IN THE WORLD?

To get a more well-rounded insight on this multifaceted topic, we decided to interview three high-schoolers, three middle-schoolers, and three teachers with one question: “Do you like RFK’s lunch food? Yes or No? Why?” The results we got shocked us again.

The first high schooler claims that, “The school lunch food is not my cup of tea. I find it to be really horrible, this is why I bring my own food from home. I think all students should bring food from home because its healthier.” – A. W. He clearly dislikes the school food and even thinks the food is unhealthy. That’s a shocker!

Another high schooler also believes the RFK serves is really bad, she even thinks they should have more options for vegetarians. “I honestly think that the school should consider vegetarian’s perspective when coming to school lunch. I have to always rush down to the cafeteria hoping that there’s salad for lunch. Also, they should not force us to grab an extra item if we don’t want it because that is just a waste.” – A.G.

Finally, the last high schooler that we interviewed, also had the same perspective..she even went into detail about WHY she hates the school lunch food. “Um I don’t like the school food at all. In fact I think our food has gotten worse.” This student believes the school food progressively gets worse each year, she goes on to say that, “They give out this weird tasting ranch which tastes like plastic. They started giving out this weird tasting veggie burger which has no taste at all. All in all, the school lunch food sucks.” – P.P. This student really had a lot to say.

After the results we got from the high schoolers we interviewed, we perceived that maybe all the students of ASGL really hate the schools lunch, but after interviewing the next set of students, we got a totally different view.

The first middle schooler gave her honest opinion and answered our question to her utmost belief. “I think the school lunch food is actually fine. I do not see why people don’t like it, it’s not utterly disgusting like most kids say. Our schools food may not be the best but it is pretty good.” – J.C.

After interviewing her, we thought maybe these middle schoolers will have an opposite opinion from the high schoolers about the schools lunch food, and we were right. The next two middle schoolers voiced their claim, “I believe the school lunch food is goodish. I can eat it and I eat it everyday and it doesn’t make me sick or anything so I think it’s alright.” – S.C. and “I don’t really have much to say about the school lunch food. I mean I guess i don’t like it but I also don’t hate it? But yeah the food they give in this school is okay.” – J.V.

We can see the different perspectives of grade levels. The high schoolers hate the food and the middle schoolers actually like the food. Now it was time to interview the teachers.

The first teacher we interviewed was someone who constantly talks about a vegan chili dip and she actually mentioned it in her interview. She said, “I mean the food is alright. They serve a couple of items such as the vegan chili and the egg wrap that are actually good and I enjoy.” – Ms. M.

Mrs. C, the next teacher we asked, believes the school would not give out terrible food to students on purpose. “I don’t usually eat the lunch food but when I do, I think the food is okay, you know? It is still good, schools would not give out food if it was terrible for the kids.” This was an interesting way to put it and we actually found ourselves agreeing with her statement.

Last but not least, we decided to interview a teacher who always has extra food at the corner of his class. We asked him the main question and he responded with, “I personally think the school food is actually good. No complaints or dislikes from my end.” – Mr. M.

All in all, each person gave their honest opinion and some even went into detail about whether they liked or disliked the food. The point of this article was to just received a variety of perspectives to determine what students and staff actually thinks about the schools lunch food, and as you can see, they all had interesting and different opinions.