Metro riders equally satisfied and dissatisfied with service

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Metro riders of Los Angeles are equally satisfied and dissatisfied with the public transportation in Los Angeles, according to a BuzzKill survey conducted Friday at Wilshire and Vermont.

During the BuzzKill survey, 8 out of the 10 people confirmed that they would prefer the Metro train over the bus system.

“Traffic is the main issue that makes people use the Metro train system,” said local resident Ernest Santos.

Many of our interviewees mentioned another issue that arose during the survey. “Even though the train is faster it’s extremely crowded sometimes,” mentioned Rodney Cottle, who works downtown. Cottle also criticized the morning and night rush hour service for having little to no space inside to be comfortable.

The community of Los Angeles also thinks that improvements could be made to both the train and bus service. “There should be extra maintenance checks more often,” said a citizen we spoke to.

English and ELD teacher Mr. Colla, who rides the metro daily, mentioned that “some of the cars on the train could be boiling hot inside.”

Two LAPD officers that were riding the Metro for the second time complained that it was hot as well. “This just shows how little maintenance the Metro system does,” they said.

Due to traffic on the streets, 50 percent of the people we surveyed mentioned the bus being late due to holdups.

A citizen of L.A. mentioned that due to traffic, the train is more often used for commute. “The train comes more frequently than the Metro buses and it is more consistent,” he said.

As a middle-aged Metro rider holding a guitar hopped on the bus, he said the prices were fair. “You only pay $1.75 to get to where you need to go with no traffic, and no delays on the train.”

Some of our interviewees also mentioned how it’s less likely to get lost in the train due because it only has two directions. As in the bus, you may have to take numerous busses to get back on track due to its latency.

Even though subway riders tend to be more satisfied than bus riders, there is one major overwhelming problem with homeless people soiling the seats on the subway.

So far Metro’s response to the problem is by increasing the use of security cameras and LAPD officers.