Koreatown residents vote in midterm elections

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Koreatown residents vote in midterm elections

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KOREATOWN – Residents of this populous and diverse community waited in line to vote for Senate and House of Representatives Tuesday at Seoul International Park.

The midterm elections usually see the president’s party lose seats in Congress, and also frequently see the president’s intraparty opponents gain power. That’s why most citizens are voting to seek a political change.

The Democrats are seeking to take over the political agenda because of how protest can influence these kinds of actions.

“I have lived in Los Angeles my whole life. If Republicans are taking the majority of the seats is going to affect immigrants, middle class, and farmers. That’s why I’m voting for democrats to seek equality, equity, and medicare for seniors.” – Juan Gonzalez

The midterm elections is on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. However, in Louisiana, the state’s primary elections will be held on Nov. 6 while the general election will take place on Dec. 8. Vote registration deadlines vary by state, and qualified voters are the residents of the state or the county. Voters are required to present their identification through an ID Card or resident’s ID. Other states allow photo ID or ID without a photo.

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