Midterm Elections 2018

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Midterm Elections 2018

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Koreatown voters arrived for the midterm elections at Carecen (2845 W 7th St Los Angeles, 90005) To vote for what they believe is going to better their community. While the president is elected every four years, members of the house and Congress are elected every two years which is why it’s called “midterm elections.” It is mostly a battle between Democrats and Republicans trying to take over both Senate and House of Representatives which is crucial for this year’s election for those representing us.

“I am happy I am able to vote now, something that I wasn’t able to do in the past since I wasn’t a U.S citizen, having the opportunity to have my voice heard and representing Latinos in our community is something I am very proud to do.” -Yolanda De Leon

My mom has lived here for 28 and wasn’t a U.S citizen until 4 years ago. She was always living in that constant fear and worry that she would get deported and leaving us and my siblings behind. But because of that, that was her motivation to study and arrange her citizenship which finally did.

“Teenagers who are 18 and a citizen should vote. Please vote vote vote because we are the new generation and we have to have someone who reflects that, not those who are older than us and still haven’t evolved to the new generation. If you’re not taking the opportunity to vote this year, you’re continuing to let their voices be heard over ours.” -Citlalli Hernandez

The polling was from 7 A.M – 8 P.M and many were in line waiting to vote. In front of the line, voters had to have a form of I.D and already registered to vote. Once accepted, they then give them a ballot and vote. The ballots come in different languages, not just only in English.┬áThe process takes about half an hour depending on each person.

Whether it’s the midterm election or presidential election, there is an opportunity for each state to change their state constitution. For example, voters can vote yes or no on different propositions such as tax increase, affordable housing, fund water supply projects, etc. Voters are also being asked to elect members of their state legislatures, as well as other officers like state and county judges, governors, etc. This midterm election is very important because those who can vote are representing us, making a political change for us all.

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