RFK students save 159 lives

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RFK students save 159 lives

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RFK students saved 159 lives Wednesday as part of its annual Fall campus-wide Red Cross blood drive.

“I was scared of donating blood at first, but now I know that it was no biggie,” said Heaven Williams, 11th grade.

While Heaven had the audacity to put her fears aside and donate to save lives, many students were kept back from their fear of needles.

“Even though I can donate, I don’t want to because I am scared the nurse will keep poking to look for my veins,” whispered Powell Lee, 12th grade.

Unfortunately, many of the students that wanted to donate either didn’t meet the weight requirement, or forgot to bring their parent consent forms. But those that can were too scared of needles, and would rather not go near one unless they are obligated to.

Although some are inclined to say that a total of 53 pints (one saving three lives) of blood donated by the students is a huge success, it is a bit of an overstatement. Compared to previous years, where around 80 pints of blood were donated, this semester’s blood drive was nowhere near that quantitative success.

However, relatively speaking, it was a pretty good success in terms of the different factors that resulted in the donation of “just” 53 pints: around 16 potential donors that had signed up could not make it (as they had gone on a field trip), students we had summoned did not come down to the location of the event, and the ASGL senior class (which usually makes up a good half of the amount of donors) was smaller than previous years.

Taking these factors into account, we can confidently say that the Fall Blood Drive was a success!

“Next year, I’m going to encourage my peers to donate blood, and tell them about the great experience I had with Red Cross. To be honest, the nurses didn’t poke as much as I thought they would!” said Sunshine Torres, 12th grade.

For those that are able to donate, we hope to have you donate for our next blood drive in the spring! Yes, we understand that needles may be quite daunting — but you won’t regret having a needle poked into your arm a few times to save the lives of three people, right?