Helping those with special needs on a full stomach

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The students attending the Ambassador School of Global Leadership at RFK came together Saturday to bond for a fundraiser at the Wilshire and Vermont Chipotle.

“I am very encouraged and inspired to see how people are willing to learn and grow more about becoming advocates for people with different abilities and special needs,” said Special Ed educator Mr. Eric Hoh.

The Best Buddies Chipotle fundraiser lasted from 10:45 a.m. through 10:00 p.m. where students from RFK came together to spread the word about Best Buddies and what it does.

“The meeting on Friday showed that all ethnicities can come together to strengthen their bond by joining together to make Best Buddies better!” said the Best Buddies Chapter President Soliyana Gebremadhin.

When buying from Chipotle and showing the flyer that was given during the event, 33 percent of the proceeds was donated to the Best Buddies organization.

“It’s great to know that Best Buddies is here for me since I have a family member with a disability,” said Christian Geltz, a daily L.A. Chipotle consumer.

“Even though this is Mr. Vivas’s and my first time running a Best Buddies Club, I am so pleased that we can come together to help people in need,” said Mr. Hoh.

“Knowing that kids in high school are becoming advocates for their community is amazing and I hope that they will continue and spread the word!” said an L.A. resident who held his German Shepard by its leash.

According to the mission statement of Best Buddies of California: “Best Buddies was founded in 1989, Georgetown University, Georgetown, D.C. . To establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships with the less fortunate or people with special needs.”

In the end, the Chipotle event was an overall success for raising awareness about Best Buddies while enjoying a delicious meal.

“Best Buddies sounds like a great club. I just wish that I could’ve been in a club similar to it when I attended high school,” said Ashley Johnson, who happened to be patronizing Chipolte that day.

Luckily for Christian Castillo, a Junior attending ASGL, he has the opportunity to be in Best Buddies now. “I can see Best Buddies becoming a school-wide club at RFK, and I hope to see that in the upcoming years.”