Bernstein crushes Bobcats

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Bernstein crushes Bobcats

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Bobcats lose varsity soccer game to Bernstein

The ASGL varsity soccer team were destroyed on November 26th by the Bernstein Dragons in the fourth game of the season.  

The Bernstein soccer team was pretty confident about the game due to the fact that they were winning.

“I feel good. I was a little nervous about the game today, but we’re already winning right now and if we keep it up as a team, we’ll definitely win the game,” said a Bernstein forward soccer player.

Bobcat players seemed to be frustrated and tense throughout the game.

“We’ve had some opportunities to win this game, but things just didn’t come together and some of us unfortunately couldn’t participate in the game today,” said the ASGL soccer team coach.

None of the Bernstein students came to RFK to watch the game, but there were some ASGL students that came by to watch. Some came to support their friends, and some came to just watch the game.

“We came ‘cuz we didn’t feel like paying for the basketball game and it’s too far,” said a group of ASGL students.

Jacob Harrer, a recruiter in the Marine Corps, was present at the game to support one of his recruits at the game. “I can speak for the last game. It seemed like the team needed more potential and I feel like they made small errors that made them lose. I also feel like they should’ve trained more for this game.”

The Bobcats lost the varsity game to the Dragons 4-0, but will they do better in the next game on Wednesday?

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