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Our last chance to take the SAT


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Our last chance to take the SAT

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This past weekend at John Marshall High School, we lined up in the cold morning to take the final SAT this year. Doors would officially be open at eight o clock for us to enter the school. A list of names is posted on the wall for us to find the correct class that we are going to be taking the exam in. Before entering inside, it is required for all applicants to show ID (School ID, State ID) and their admission ticket printed.

When entering the class we are greeted by the proctor, and he/she directs us to our given seat. Phones are specifically collected at the beginning of the class, and they required to be completely shut off. Once the class is in order, the proctor then goes on to explain the rules and regulations of the SAT. After that, he/she proceeds to hand out the necessary papers. Students have to come prepared with two number two pencils and an eraser. The test consists of two subjects, math and English with the essay. Through testing, we are given 10-minute breaks in between the sessions. The whole exam takes approximately 4 hours for completion. When the time is up the students turn in their papers and wait for further instruction to gather up their belongings and be dismissed.

It was our first time taking the SAT, we didn’t prepare for it at all so going into it we were a little nervous. We effortlessly completed the English portion with ease and got a little stuck on the math portion but tried our best. In my opinion (Tyler) I feel as if the math portion was the most difficult for me, I ended up guessing for most of the questions. In my opinion (Benilia) the essay portion was the most difficult for me because we were very limited on time which added more pressure. We saw many familiar faces at the school, and two of them had this to say about the exam,

“Since I had already taken the SAT before, it felt easier and I felt much more confident since it was my last one and I can tell my scores will improve.”

“Going into the SAT I was very nervous but I knew that I was going to do well since I studied, the pressure was just getting to me.”

For any students planning to take the SAT in the future, it is strongly advised that they study, and take advantage of all the available workshops provided to them LOVE YALL GOODLUCK <3




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