ASGL considers nutrition and block schedule

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ASGL considers nutrition and block schedule

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ASGL students and teachers were given a survey Tuesday to give their opinion on breakfast in class or Nutrition and block schedule.

During Global Seminar, students and teachers took a survey to take into consideration what changes need or need not be implemented.

“Block schedule allows classes to have longer and deeper meaningful academic conversations,” said Ms. Montes.

12th grader Justeen Bautista voiced a similar view. “Block schedule should be brought back because it gives the students more opportunity to demonstrate and portray their interest in the class,” she said. “There is just not enough time to finish or get work done.” 

Others disagree.

“Block doesn’t affect me, but in my opinion, most of the kids believed it was too long,” office staff employee Ms. Kehoe said. “The kids did not enjoy block schedule. Kids would complain too much. They feel like it’s a long day even if it’s just three periods.”

As for BIC or nutrition, most interviewees seem to have the same opinion.

“We have always been able to manage our time with BIC during Period 1 or Global Seminar. The 20 extra minutes is not worth coming to school early and going home late,” said ASB Secretary Sunehra Rahman.

11th grader Vice Chairperson of Governing Council Sophia Kim expressed the importance of the breakfast program. “BIC is a great program for all students to eat breakfast in the morning,” she said. “Not all students come to school on a full stomach. And results show that without a proper breakfast, our brains cannot function properly.”

Kehoe agreed. “Kids need to have breakfast. I think BIC is better than nutrition because it’s not wasting time, going up and down the stairs,” she said. 

The faculty of our school have continuously considered changing the schedule. It is not favorable towards students such as 10th grader Marc Valiente, who feels that “new changes to the school should have been implemented when the school year had started, not when we are halfway done.”

But there’s good news: ASGL is keeping our current schedule for the rest of the school year.