Bobcats beat the undefeated Hollywood Sheiks

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The boys Robert F. Kennedy Bobcats Varsity soccer team with a overall record of 2-1-3 faced the Hollywood Sheiks with a Overall record of 4-1 on a league game, December 3, 2018 at Robert F. Kennedy’s home. The Bobcats varsity soccer won the Hollywood Sheiks 2-0.

The Robert F. Kennedy boy soccer team who were former Division II Champions 2017.

The boys soccer team ended their semester with a win for their team they won their last game of this year’s semester. During the game there was a lot of tension in the air as there was a lot of pressure on the team to win. Out of the many people that we talked to about who they thought was going to win was at a surprise to me because most of the students interviewed thought that the bobcats were going to lose this game.

              We spoke to some of the players on the junior varsity team and asked for their opinion on who they thought was going to win. Their responses where that in practice they have been training really hard this year and they believed that they would pull of the win. As the game continued on we kept on observing the match closely to see what the outcome would be,

            When it was time for both of the teams to switch sides there was a huddle between the teammates of the bobcats and they were discussing on what they needed to work better on to up their game. Jersey number 11 jefferson perez scored a header in the first half of the 31st minute.

As the game went on a Daniel Valerio wearing jersey number 51 scored a goal with a free kick on minute 79 of the second half.

         With this last goal the score for the game at the end was two  to zero the RFK bobcats didn’t give up until the end when they finally heard the whistle being blown by the referee saying that the match had concluded. Overall from what we observed at the game was that the bobcats

were driven to want to have their last game of the semester be a win.