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RFK boys basketball (Varsity) destroyed by Hollywood High

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RFK boys basketball (Varsity) destroyed by Hollywood High

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RFK boys basket ball team faced Hollywood high in a pre-season game that took place here at RFK on Wednesday Dec 5.Hollywood high is a school to be reckoned with as they have a record of 3 wins and and 2 draws.  The game was set before second period . There are 4 periods in a whole basketball game each period is 10 minutes long taking up to 40 min of game time.

The score was 4-51 , we of course were on the loosing side. The whole preseason has been a disappointment for the basketball team , we have a record of 4 losses and 1 win. At the end of the game the whole teamed had given up. We lost the game, the final score was 12-92. The whole team was disappointed.

The team seemed down and gloomy. despite their win before Hollywood it didn’t seem to bring up their morale. They weren’t prepared mentally.

Varsity captain Justine Gan said,”This isn’t our year… we just don’t seem to want to win, we give up before first half and we’re not getting anywhere like this we need to get better over the winter break.”


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