Steps to successfully clean out plastic wastes

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LOS ANGELES – Students from the environmental club participated to gather plastic bottles on November 6th 2018 at the Robert F. Kennedy school campus.

The aim for the environmental club is providing cleaner and a friendlier environment throughout the campus. All students will be given the same task but will be working in different groups. For this year, there will be field trips where students will recycle plastic wastes in areas of Los Angeles such as Santa Monica, Encino, Griffith Park, and Long Beach. Participants will be receiving lunch for free and will be granted awards for student leadership.

“Christian Tenaz, a president of the environmental club, said it’s vital for students to participate in the club because it will give them solid experience of placing objects in the correct bin.” – Christian Tenaz

“Los Angeles is a city full of wastes that goes into the ocean. It can be harmful to the marine ecosystem.” Therefore we need active participants to be part of the Los Angeles community and help throw away wastes into the correct disposable bin.” – Jesus Luna

To limit the amount of ocean wastes, having the environmental club going around the coastal parts of California and picking up plastic wastes, can support the marine ecosystem. Students will not only receive awards but also receive community service hours, which can help fulfill their graduation requirements. Currently, there are thirty-two members in the club and is looking to hire more students.

In order for more participants and outsiders to join the club, Tenaz is advertising with posters around the school campus and on the streets. He’s also asking the Los Angeles community leaders to speak for the club so that residents will join. Participants or volunteers must be 12 years or older and club meeting is held in Room A374 at RFK Campus.

So far, the club accepted students from other schools such as New Open World Academy, and UCLA community high school. Tenaz is hoping to establish more club operations throughout Los Angeles. He also stated that students from other school districts can join and be an active participant.