Mixed feelings about UTLA vs. LAUSD

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Mixed feelings about UTLA vs. LAUSD

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In the past few months being in school I’ve noticed a tremendous battle between the District and the teachers for an increase of their salary.

Student education is the only problem the District should be worrying about, but fighting this battle against the teachers has blinded the District from seeing the truth.

Teachers all around Los Angeles will be coming together to strike against the Los Angeles Unified District this week or during the beginning of next week.

Students all around Los Angeles come to school to learn to work towards their own future. UTLA and the District takes away this opportunity due to the strike that no one knows when will end.

In my personal opinion I think that this situation shouldn’t have escalated to this point.

The price of living has increased in the past recent years, showing why teachers have decided to fight against the district about their salaries.

Students may think that having no teachers equals no work or free time but they are very wrong.

LAUSD needs to make sure that every school meets the yearly instructional minutes. This could possibly mean that time could be added to the end of the year.

This could mean more work, faster paced teaching, and a shorter summer break. This could’ve been resolved two years ago when UTLA first approached LAUSD.

“Hope it all goes well for my job’s sake,” said Douglas Diaz, an LAUSD substitute.

The District is only worrying about if and when they go bankrupt and is forgetting why they started LAUSD in the first place: to help students succeed.

LAUSD did this by assuming  counselors, on-campus nurses, and librarians aren’t as valuable and needed as other essential position to make the school thrive and succeed.