Upcoming UTLA strike and opinions

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Upcoming UTLA strike and opinions

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Los Angeles – UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles) members will be going on strike to regulate schools’ priorities of adding adequate funding to the education system such as smaller class sizes, more counselors, more support toward special education, and stronger school leadership councils at the UTLA building on January 14, 2018, Monday.

The Los Angeles Unified School district will be negotiating with UTLA members on this situation. More than 30,000 members serving 600,000 students, has said a possible strike will occur on Monday if negotiation fails to meet its expectation.

The district tried to limit the amount of teachers from participating the strike. Just last week district officials asked the federal court to block teachers who worked with special needs students from leaving the classroom. The court instead rejected the district’s request, and made a way for the strike to occur.

According to Austin Beutner, superintendent of the school district, stated that already hundreds millions of dollars were already being spent on reducing class sizes and increasing staff employees. However, the funding for the education system were inadequate according to members of UTLA.

We asked some teachers and students of their opinion about the strike.

Some responses were:

“Teachers at the Los Angeles Unified School district can’t focus to teach with more than 40 students per class. It’s going to cause tremendous problem to both students and teachers because teaching process will delay with immense amount of students,” said Mr. Gariola.

“I believe teachers shouldn’t go on strike because is going to affect students. With more than 30,000 teachers going on strike it will harm students’ education because learning will not occur. Peace negotiations should be made between Los Angeles Unified school district officials and UTLA members,” said Shawn Nelson.

“Yes! The teacher strike is important. The significant of the strike is to demonstrate the strong concern and demands for change by the teachers and the students,” said Justeen Bautista.

“I think teacher strike is important because teachers have worked hard for the students to succeed in the future and the fact how they aren’t getting payed fairly isn’t right,” said Melanie Avila.

The district also made a statement that a strike would harm students and families and will not help resolve the issues. If the strike occurs on Monday, students will need to attend classes because schools will be open with thousands of out-of-state licensed substitutes available to monitor students. If parents are considering for their children to not attend school, absences will occur and it will be inexcusable.