Adolescents ask why school negatively affects mental health

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Adolescents ask why school negatively affects mental health

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Students and staff at Ambassador School of Global Leadership are being interviewed to uncover the negative effects that school contributes to mental health, an issue that has been investigated for centuries.

10–20% of children and adolescents have a mental health problem of some type.

Everyone faces issues with their mental health. Whether the cause be from school, work, family or other difficulties. It is hard to generalize the reason why school could be the base of students depression. There are many factors that come from school such as students spending countless of hours doing their homework, studying and worrying about their grades, and even stressing about unnecessary drama. This is not only non-beneficial to students but obstructive to their mental health.

“There’s a culture of a ‘savagery’ contest, the tougher you are the better you’ll survive in school.” This student speaks on behalf of her own personal experience and creates an image that school is a matter of survival. “Teachers can be bad. Students can be bad. Favoritism can be bad. It’s just all bad,” said a Sophomore here at ASGL.

Stress can be heightened from personal matter and school can stack on to it. “School is usually the cause of my stress. I have stress that’s personal and school just adds on to that. I’ve fallen behind and just had no motivation sophomore year and partially it was the overwhelming feeling of school,” said Susan Kim, a Junior at ASGL.

ASGL’s school therapist claims that, “Any school can have kids being affected, it depends on what resources are available. It could be individual factors, the neighborhood, mobility, or it could be a positive force. It’s hard to come up with a generalization. It’s helpful to have different counselors so they can help with students. I feel those feelings are related to depression and anxiety.”

Not having enough mental support from staff such as counselors, therapists, mentors or teachers can alter students perspective on the idea that “school is a safe place for all.” Lack of these resources makes the students feel alone and unable to be open up which would lead to depression and anxiety.

In 2016, approximately 60 percent of teens who suffered a major depressive episode, caused by school, did not receive treatment of any kind.

Another factor of feeling isolated and alone at school is having a teacher breathe down your neck about something not worthy of aggression

A teacher here at ASGL tends to interfere their emotions with their work and that has caused trouble for many students. Teachers who can’t control themselves over a small incident that a student has taken place can cause the student to feel personally attacked.

A well known Junior at ASGL stated, “I do not feel like I can really open up to the teachers here. They seem to not care about personal lives of students. This teacher puts a lot of pressure on me and I just cannot take it anymore.”

LAUSD creates yearly surveys which provide information on students Academic Focus, cognitive Engagement, And Future Orientation. In which none of these access anything regarding mental health and how LAUSD may actually be responsible for negative affects on it.

Based on the school climate statistics, students reports say that “53% do not feel happy at this school” and “53% feel teachers at this school do not treat them fairly.” This can be due to various reasons as stated such as the teacher who are unfair and too emotional towards students.  Another significant statistic is that “38% do not feel accepted for who they are at this school”, this can be due to negative things teachers have said to students, or varies factor that account with mental disorders.

We made a poll asking students about whether or not school negatively affects their mental health and results show that 84% said yes and 16% said no. The scary part about this is that many of these students may or may not know if they actually are being affected from school or not. Some students may choose to ignore those negative thoughts while others may own up to the impact school has on their mental health. Some may just not be aware of the undeniable issues one faces themselves.