ASGL got some talent

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Students at the Ambassador School of Global Leadership brought their talent to the stage at the Cocoanut Grove on Tuesday, May 23, 2019.

“This year’s talent show was better than last year’s! It was amazing to see younger peers with so much hidden talent. It was serious at times but also had bits of comedy towards the end,” said Brandon Isem, a sophomore attending ASGL.

Every year ASGL holds a talent show where brave students and faculty members can go up on stage with an act that shows their talents in unique or interesting ways.

For example, at last year’s talent show Mr. Carillo had a unique comedy performance with his niece, the MVP girls basketball player Emily Carillo. Together they had a puppet show where he acted as if he and his niece were talking through puppets, and in the end it was one of the highlights of the 2018 talent show.

“I think this year’s highlight was the cringe of the 8th graders dancing at the very end of the talent show. This is because they used songs that used to be popular but died out later on like the Baby Shark Song,” said Nazario Campos a highly regarded student in the class of 2021.

Two amazing pianists, Priscilla Kim and Sofia Tankhiluum, hit the stage to show their delicate fingerwork on the keys of a piano. They showed us not only spectacular talent but also commitment to an instrument that they have passion for.

“These two young artists are amazing and brave to be able to go onto the stage and play their hearts out in front of the entire school,” said Erin Kim, a senior at ASGL.

Bollywood came to ASGL with Sadia Afrin Jahin, a current senior, and her performance on the Cocoanut Grove stage. She performed a traditional Bollywood dance, showing her heritage and background in front of the student body.

“This was interesting to see a real Bollywood performance live compared to ones that I saw on the internet before,” said Victoria Cruz, a current Junior at ASGL.

Broadway met the Cocoanut Grove with Mr. Rivas and his singing performance of “If I Can’t Love Her” from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

“Mr. Rivas has a beautiful and powerful voice, and it shows the power one person can have in the LGBTQ community over people that admire and strive to be him,” said Soliyanna Gebramedhin, a sophomore scholar.

Shalom Lee also had a spectacular K-POP solo performance on stage dancing to a song that was popular in 2014.

“The annual ASGL talent show was a fun mix of talents, energy, and enthusiasm. It is always so fun to see the talents of our amazing students,” said Mr. Rivas, AP English Language teacher and organizer of the talent show.

“This year’s annual talent show was a huge success, and I hope to see more amazing talent next year!” said Anthony Nguyen, a sophomore at ASGL.