RFK lockdown protocol questioned

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RFK lockdown protocol questioned

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On Tuesday April 30th, a criminal fled to a discount store and held police at bay for three hours in the Koreatown strip mall at Vermont and Eighth Street.

An alleged shooter shot a person in the foot near the 800 block of Vermont Avenue and Eighth Street at around noon. During this time, school was still in session.

The students were not notified of this ordeal until 1:35 p.m., just five minutes before ASGL  students were dismissed. The four other academies in RFK were not dismissed until their regular dismissal time.

Students recounted that the assistant principals announcement said something like, “Students as you may be aware of, there is a swarm of police on Vermont and Eighth, I advise students to not walk around that street until the coast is clear. Be safe and have a wonderful day!”

The main question is why did our school decide to not go on lockdown?

“Whenever there are things that happen in the community outside or inside of school, we consult the LAPD and school police department. On Tuesday, we were on standby and monitored the situation. LAPD and school police did not believe there was any risk since it was contained. The man barricaded himself in the discount store,” said Mr. Edison, a coordinator at RFK.

A campus aid at ASGL said, “We did not need to go on lockdown because the situation was under control and it was at a fair distance from the school so there was no safety concerns that needed to be handled.”  

A couple of weeks prior, our school had a 2 minute lockdown because there was a man rotating around the school. It is astonishing to believe that our school had a lockdown over one guy when there was an actual shooting down the street from the school.

“There was a man driving a car circling the school and campus police were worried he would jump out and run into the school. We went on lockdown for a moment but he was soon caught so that was the end,” Mr. Edison said.

Our school is focussed on advocating for our safety yet we did not get protected from something potentially fatal for many students.

Robert F. Kennedy needs to be more cautious about the surrounding. There are gates where anyone can climb onto and get into the school and surprisingly, random people can enter easily through the main gates.

The incident on Tuesday caused a mishap on the community and has made people more wary about their surroundings especially around Vermont.

Koreatown is not the safest area in Los Angeles, there are constantly new crimes occurring every other day. It is important that our school follows safety protocols more strictly in order to protect each student.