“Stop Union Busting” posters spreading around

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“Stop Union Busting” posters spreading around

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Students and teachers at the Robert F. Kennedy Community school posted posters with the message “Stop Union Busting” around the school campus on 26 April 2019.

Students promoted union protesting against Los Angeles Unified School District officials and this created tension among school officials and student protesters.

Numerous students from the school campus were hoping for some teachers to remain their positions.

Recently in early 2019, teachers were protesting throughout Los Angeles Unified School District. Teachers were demanding for higher wages, welfare benefits, and cutting down charter school fundings. They also demanded for these fundings to go to vocal programs for youth development.

Now teachers are being fired for the wrong reasons. Several teachers were posting posters in order to prevent staff members from being fired. The UTLA should promote protecting teachers from this crisis.

If UTLA does promote solutions to combat district officials from firing teachers for the wrong reasons, then it will substantially lower the chances of their jobs being taken away.

Some teachers felt they have not receive adequate amount of protective rights.

School officials were taking down posters due to the immense amount of posters being utilized to stop union busting.

Several student leaders were creating these posters in order to spread awareness among students.

Although they were not able to present their name, these students effectively collaborated with UTLA to promote teacher’s rights and its values.

This is vital for students to participate in these events to prevent district crisis. If this crisis is solved within weeks then it will prevent district public school closings.

Strikings will occur and backlash against school officials will be astronomical.

This issue must be solved within weeks in order to prevent further crisis.

Some students do not support that some of the teachers are getting fired, and Guadalupe Cruz says, “I still do not support the fact that teachers are getting fired or not getting called back because the teachers are outspoken and our principal is making this seem like it’s a horrible thing.”

Anahi Gonzales, ASGL junior, said that the poster is spreading because she and Jesus Luna have made great efforts in making this poster go around. “We wore red and carried the poster around to show our support. We have made sure that our voices are heard, and we spoke to our school director.”

Junior Kayla Valle said that “students have been informed about this ongoing issue and this poster has been projected all over social media. We have taken a step. We are not giving up even if we keep getting written up for the fact that we protect our voice.”

According to junior Jesus Luna, students began posting the posters around the school on May 1st. “I gathered students from our school to help and pass out posters,” he said. “Special thank you to Manuel Torres, Guadalupe Cruz, Brianna Perea, Kayla Valle, Melanie Avila, and Brandon Islam!”