USC linebacker Porter Gustin drafted to the NFL

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Porter Gustin was drafted to the NFL April 29 due to his impressive skills and massive strength.

Gustin, standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 260 pounds, was one of the top 10 best linebackers for the University of Southern California football team. He has been playing for USC for the past 4 years as an outside linebacker.

When he joined the NFL combine, his results were impressive for his size, with a 40 yard-dash of 4.69 seconds, Bench Press of 31 reps, a Vertical jump of 35.5 inches, and a Broad jump of 119.0 inches.

However, although he had an amazing career as a Linebacker for USC and impressive results for the NFL combine, Gustin has had a lot of injuries, which somewhat limited his past two football seasons as a USC football player.

Gustin was unable to show off his true potential, and many of the NFL scouters are doubting his durability in the NFL as a professional athlete.

Conquest Chronicles stated, “However, as a junior, a big toe injury limited him to only four games of action. As a senior, a broken ankle limited him to just six. …. many NFL scouts will doubt his durability in the pros.”

His teammate Echols, Hunter an outside linebacker for USC, gave thanks to Gustin, “PG TO THE SAINTS ??!!!! LETS GOOO! Thanks PG for all the love since I came into USC you’ve had my back and showed me the way FIGHT ON PG I know you’re destined for BIG thins in the NFL”

Gustin posted in his social media, “I’ve always played through pain, even extreme pain, as long as I believed I could still help my team win. I have considered this quality to be a direct reflection of where I came from, how I was raised, and mu overall toughness. I’ve learned over the last couple of years that sometimes what you believe to be your greatest strengths turn out to be your greatest weaknesses. My pride blinded me and I have paid a heavy price for it. I wish I would have realized this a long time ago, for anyone ready this, don;t make the same mistakes that I did! That being said, my lesson has been learned, my health is as good as ever, and there is a lot of ball left to play. This is just the beginning! #fighton”

Although he has gone through a lot in his life at USC, Gustin has not given up and will do amazing in the NFL as a outside linebacker for the New Orleans, Saints. He will be known as the next Clay Matthews who plays for the Los Angeles Rams.