The futures of the class of 2019

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The futures of the class of 2019

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As the end of the school year approaches, the Class of 2019 is ready to say farewell and inform us about their plans in the near future.

Erin Kim
“I plan on majoring in English or International Relations and minoring in some sort of writing at Middlebury College.”

Tyler Kim
“What I plan to do in the near future is major in film at Cal State La and hopefully get a career in the film industry.”

Alejandra Castro
“I plan on attending Cal State LA and plan on pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant.”

Kayla Osorio
“I plan on attending CSUN and majoring in the criminal justice field.”

Cristian Tenas
“I plan on securing a stable job and attending CSUN and of course, having a great time.”

Fatima Navarro
“I plan to major in biology at Cal State LA and hopefully fulfill the requirements it takes to become a pre-vet student to go onto graduate school to pursue a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree.”

Alexa Hernandez
“Well, I always knew I wanted a career that would help people and save lives so my aunt convinced me to become a nurse like she is. I plan on going to a community college until I can transfer into a university to finish with a masters degree”

Angel Alvarez
“Well, to be honest, I don’t have any goals, but I’m going to go to college after high school and get my bachelors in the major I decide of.”

Erick Moscoso
“I look forward to starting the nursing program at Glendale Community College and playing college soccer.”

Jocelyn Marquez
“After high school, I want to go to college and major in biology in hopes of getting into medical school after and become a pediatrician who is part of doctors without borders and help people.”

Emerson Gonzalez
“I plan to major in psychology, I started taking therapy in 8th grade and I think it’s something I would love to do to help kids. I plan to push for a Ph.D. and eventually become a professor at a university.”

Jessica Romero
“After high school, I plan to attend Cal State LA and also get a part-time job so I am able to help my mom.”

Alex Hernandez
“I plan on going to Glendale Community College, working and hopefully Studying to become a lawyer.”

Grecia Melgar
“I already joined a few clubs in college to keep myself busy, like a cybersecurity club, but my short term plans are to just get involved with campus life as best as I can. Long term, I’m going to do pre-med and go to medical school to later become a surgeon.”

Eduardo Pineda
“After high school, I want to attend college and hopefully join the soccer team. One of my other goals would be to get a good paying job so I can get a house and start a family of my own in the future”

Jonathan Zeron
“After high school, I will be going to community college and I will most likely transfer to another school to get my bachelors. My plan is to get a job that I enjoy doing so I won’t be a miserable person.”

Roger Martínez
“Ok well I’m just gonna go to community college at first and after that, I want to transfer to a four year and get a degree in art.”

Miceyli Martinez
“Well after high school I will be attending Cal State LA where I will be taking Biology. In the future, I hope to become a surgeon. I haven’t really thought about the details but soon I will.”

Yahir Quintero
“Alright so, my future goals is to be a successful person economically, after high school I am going to college, my career goal is to go to college and study for biochemistry.”

Ashley Valle
“My plans for the future is first trying to give it all my best to play professional soccer. That has been my #1 dream and goal and I think I can accomplish it with hard work. After high school, I will be attending Glendale Community College and playing with them. Luckily I have been scouted by them, so it’s a closer step to my dream. After my 2 years of attending GCC, I will be transferring to a Cal State or a UC. Depends on what division they are for soccer. I will be majoring in Criminology as well if my path doesn’t work.”

Ashley Castañeda
“My plans for the future are not concrete. I have accepted that the plans I’ve built for my life can change but this is what I want to accomplish as of now. When I graduate high school I plan to attend community college. Befor the change of plans I used to dream about going to college as a way  to start my independent life but as I said before plans can change. By attending community college, I want to complete my prerequisites for my nursing degree and transfer to a UC or a CSU to complete my college career. After getting my degree I plan to start working and build my years of experience to work in a hospital or for a doctor with a private practice.”

These are the aspirations of some of the student in the class of 2019, there is so much that the future has in store for them, but only time can tell.