LAUSD Schools making Community Service a Graduation Requirement

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At the beginning of the year of High School students are told the requirements ahead of time on what they will need to graduate and the end of the year one of the requirements that stayed in my mind was the need for 100 community service hours.for most students when they hear this they most likely feel that they have all the time in the world to complete these hours they have almost three years and a half to complete this so they put it off to the end.


  With this students need to take time out of their day and venture off to find a location that provides people with the opportunity to help their community but most places will either tell you to clean up a place or do menial tasks in doing this the student is not only wasting time worrying about completing said hours but they are not learning anything that the community service hours are meant to be there for. How can schools give students a mandatory task that only teaches them that the community is dirty if all they do is clean and not learn about what their supposed to.


 The question that i want answered is why do school still instead on giving students the mandatory task of community service hours if they are just wasting time and not doing anything productive with their time.