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LA Dodgers Playoff Standings

October 5, 2017

Are you guys ready for the Major League Baseball playoffs? Well, we are! With the regular season of the MLB playoffs, excitement slowly rises – alongside the emotions that fans experience throughout their journey.

Many fans experience the joy of seeing their all-time favorite team succeed or the disappointment and tears that fall from seeing them fail (future comment: unfortunately, this year our LA Dodgers led us to tears).

As for the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans, loads of excitement approach, due to the fact that they are now able to safely, proudly and confidently say that they are one step closer to becoming the MLB champions once again since 1988. The Dodgers secured a spot in the playoffs after beating the Colorado Rockies in their final regular season. During this current season the Dodgers have secured a 104-58 record, which means they have gained a home-field advantage by holding the preeminent record.

However, the Dodgers can not relax just yet, as the team they’re are going to be faced with for the first MLB playoff game of 2017 has still not been decided. Their rival will be decided during a game on Wednesday, October 4. The two potential teams that the Dodgers might face are the Arizona Diamondbacks or the Colorado Rockies. The upcoming game, can prove to be a significant factor of whether or not the Dodgers take it all. As the LA Dodgers Pitcher (Clayton Kershaw) said, “We’ve got a lot of talent, it’s just a matter of winning 11 games.”

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