Girls Volleyball

By Alfonso Del Rosario, Alan Rivera, Aylin Balbuena and Christian Monte

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RFK hosted its very first pre-season for the girls Varsity and Junior Varsity volleyball team as varsity received their first pre-season loss, while Junior Varsity earned an easy win on Monday August 28.

For the past few years, RFK’s Girls Volleyball team has remained very solid and efficient. However, this year’s Varsity team was faced with a very difficult situation as many of their former senior teammates departed after having graduated. This left the current Varsity team in shambles. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the varsity team from having a positive outlook on their current situation. According to Yetnaleci, one of the varsity team’s current seniors, the team does in fact have the potential to further improve and from those improvements, possibly achieve their end goal, which is to win the championship.

Still, former Varsity player Yetnaleci believes that their lack of communication will be their downfall. She also believes that the team has the skill and dedication to improve communication between the players as well as with the coach. All that’s needed is a “breakout game” in order to gain momentum and produce an excellent season.

As for our Junior Varsity team, a lot of new talent joined this year, which makes the season much more interesting. Although the team does lack communication and teamwork, the coach believes that he can shape these players into becoming an extremely coordinated team, and potentially producing the next Varsity team.

Game recap


The varsity team’s performance was very lackluster, they showed very little communication, and struggled with many of the basic fundamentals of the sport, which shows that there’s room for improvement for even the best players on campus.

Junior Varsity(JV):

Throughout the entire game, our Junior Varsity team showed complete determination and confidence as they played against one of the more challenging opponents they have to face this season. Both teams played very aggressive, making it a back and forth battle with the first set resulting in a score of 18(Rivera) – 25(RFK), and the second set resulting in a score of 25(Rivera) – 18(RFK), and finally the third and final set resulting in 12(Rivera) – 15(RFK) with RFK securing the win. It was a well fought battle between the two teams and both teams performed exceptionally well.

Interview Questions

Yetnaleci (Varsity player):

Q1: What are your predictions for this upcoming season? How well do you think your team will do?

A1: From the way it looks right now, there is a lot of potential on the team though we need a lot of communication and to click together in order to have a good season. We need a break out game and from them I think we can have a great season.

Q2: Judging from last year’s performance, what improvements can you make to improve the overall performance of the team? And how do you plan on doing it?

A2: Truthfully, last season was all around a mess. We had lost many of our players but we’ve rebuilt the team over the summer and have made a lot of individual progress, the skills are there but the performance has to be as a team. We will work on bettering each other as players and building a connection since the sport itself requires a lot of communication and trust.

Miceyli(Junior Varsity player):

Q:What are your prediction for this upcoming season? How well do you think your team will do?

A: “I think throughout the season we will get better at playing together and hopefully become a team. I have high hopes that the team will do good this year, we have enthusiastic girls and they seem dedicated so yeah”.

Jasmine(Junior Varsity player):

Q: What are your prediction for this upcoming season? How well do you think your team will do?

A: “Well I think my predictions for this upcoming season is that our home games will be undefeated”. I think we will do great cause I know we all are trying are best to keep our head in the game”.

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  1. Daisy on February 9th, 2018 11:24 am

    I liked how how they interviewed players from both varsity and junior varsity.I also liked how the question that were asked were how they thought they were going to do the upcoming season.


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